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Over the years I've worked with various breeders, but never any like Maria.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and extremely professional, but she is as warm and friendly as a long-time friend...which she now is and always will be. 

Maria responded to my first email inquiry almost immediately, and is still that responsive almost 9 months after personally delivering our little Emma to us so that she could see her new home and meet my Ragdoll, Rajah Blue, who would be her new big brother.  These kittens aren't just Maria's business...they are her babies and her passion...and she never stops caring about each and every one of them and their families. 

I have always been very holistically inclined in raising and caring for my kittens and cats, whether it comes to what they eat or with their veterinary care, and I consider myself quite knowledgeable.  Over the years I've found that most breeders are clueless, disinterested, and/or very opinionated in this regard...but Maria is extremely open-minded, very knowledgeable herself, and always more than willing to discuss, research, learn, and allow for new possibilities for the benefit of us all...and I appreciate that more than I can say.

And what magnificent kittens come from Maria's cattery!  Not only are they incredibly beautiful physically, but they are wonderfully socialized, confident and secure, and very sweet and friendly...traits that can only come from an extremely loving and attentive beginning in life. 

It is abundantly clear how much time, care and love Maria gives to each one of her babies...whether they be her own pets, her breeders, or kittens soon to go to a new home. 

I am grateful to have found you, Maria!

Doria Contessa
Reston, VA
You have found The Purrfect Cattery's Referrals Page! I want to first say thank you to everyone for there kind and loving words. Placing our babies in a loving and wonderful home is our goal here at The Purrfect Cattery! There aren't enough words to thank you all enough for loving our sweet babies! Each and every person who adopts one of our furry purry kittens has a special place in our hearts!
I would highly recommend the PurrfectCattery for many reasons, one of which is the peace of mind that my beautiful Seal Point boy, "Beauregard", will never die of Polycystic Kidney Disease.  I had another beautiful Seal Point Himalayan cat named Ccino.  He was a rescue kitten and I have no idea where he came from.  But when he was 6 years old, he died of kidney failure.  It was heartbreaking to say the least and to see him suffer the way he did was horrible.  So when I read that all of their breeders have been tested for the disease and are 100% PKD negative, I took a second look.  I was pleased to see just how much love and care goes into each pregnancy, and all the daily and weekly updates I received with photos.  After they were born I received photos and weekly updates to their growth and progress.  Frankly, they are fanatics about their cats and kittens, and I knew I was getting the best,and most beautiful, and the healthiest possible kitten.  And Beau is such a joy!  He follows me everywhere and snuggles with me right at my neck every morning!  lol!  He's starting to "talk" to me when he misses me and he can't find me.  And such a purr box he is!  I could go on and on about his many sweet and endearing qualities.  But you can be assured if you get a kitten from the PurrfectCattery, you will never regret it!  You'll have a life time of joy.

Sherry B., Winchester, VA  

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After owning a Persian for years, we knew how loving these wonderful pets are!  It took us a long time to get over our Suzi's loss. One day my husband searching the internet, came upon the Perfect Cattery website, since he is good at searching but not good at the cyber chat left it up to me to do the rest. I sent in my kitty applacation and like Maria said within 24 hours had my response!  At the time, Beauty, her beautiful Blue Lynx himalayan was expecting with Pyro her gorgeous Flame Point himmy, we could not resist!  We had wanted a light colored female, Its hard knowing what kind of kitten to expect, personality, healh, and look wise, but we went though the last half of Beautys pregnancy with her and Maria!  The day finally came Beauty had her babies......and only 1 female!  We lucked out. As the kitten grew Maria kept us informed with updates and pictures......and I just couldn't help looking at her website, and another little boy kitten who I fell in love with, but my husband, had only had female cats before, I KNEW how loving males could be!  I kept looking thinking MAYBE I could talk him into another kitten!  It seemed strange to me, not meeting these kittens yet, or Maria, but yet I felt a connection. When she says, if you cannot resisit and second kitten, BELIEVE her, because I COULDN'T! The day finally came when I could meet our girl, and Maria, and it was the day, I TOLD my husband, lol, I am getting MY SON precioius Johnny Cat!  They are wonderful, healhly, playful. loving kittys. Maria is there for you day or night!  I can't thank her enough for our beautiful, strong, healthy babies Maybelle, and Johnny Cat!  
Ken and Kim