TPC Pricing and Information
Before any of my Kittens go to their new homes they will have been vet checked, received their first set of shots, as well as, have been de-wormed three times. 

Kittens will have a health record as well as a copy of sire and dams registration. 

They also come with a 1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee! 

CFA or TICA Registration Papers will be sent to the new owner(s) when I receive proof that the Kitten or Kittens have been Spayed or Neutered.

And of course every kitten will also go to their new homes with Forever Support!

All Himalayans, Persians, Ragdolls, and Ragamuffin Kittens including rare colors such as Chocolates, Lilacs, Minks, and Sepias are $975.00.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due to hold the kitten of your choice. To place a deposit we prefer to use PayPal since that is most secure. I will send a invoice at your request. You can also send a check via postal mail if you prefer. Final payment is due at pick up and we accept Cash or Cashiers Check only (no personal checks are accepted as final payment). Please understand that you will not be added to our waiting list until a deposit is received. OR a kitten that you would like to reserve must have a deposit placed by you for that kitten to be yours. If you place a deposit on a specific litter before they are born and do not see the kitten you love it is transferable ONE TIME ONLY to any other litter of your choice. BUT if you place a deposit on a specific kitten after 4 weeks of age it is no longer transferable. 
 Everyone will get to choose in the order in which we receive their deposit. Therefore first person to place a deposit gets 1st pick second person to place a deposit gets 2nd pick and so on. Those who choose to wait to place a deposit will get to pick (if any kittens are left) after those who have placed a deposit have picked their choice of kitten. 

Visitors are welcome!
Those who have placed a deposit will visit to pick their kitten first. After everyone who has paced a deposit gets to choose their kitten at that time those who have chosen not to place a deposit can come pick (IF ANY KITTENS ARE LEFT). Some people choose to pick from photos that is also fine whatever makes you most comfortable. 
We do have 3 small children and its important that people understand I am only one person and its important that you are flexible to work around our schedule as we do have  many visitors each year.
Thank you for your understanding!
To be placed on my waiting list to purchase one of my Precious Himalayan Kittens, please E-Mail me at:

To place my kittens in their forever home with never-ending love, respect, care, health and happiness is one of my goals here at The Purrfect Cattery. I have the right to refuse the sale of any of my Cats and Kittens.
If you have any questions please E-Mail me at

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Breeder has the right to have pick of the litter from any litter born here at The Purrfect Cattery