The Purrfect Cattery
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Himalayans, Persians, & Ragdolls

Here we have our sweet boy's Fudd and Pudd! They lives with Sharon and Bill in WA and they just love them to pieces! Sharon says "Whenever we leave to go somewhere Fudd cries and doesn't want us to go"! Bill says "Fudd likes to lick my beard and keep me company in my office"! Sharon and Bill both say "Fudd is a very playful and happy boy and adjusted so quickly that they were both amazed"! Pudd is a wonderful brother to Fudd and they will be life long companions forever!
Here we have Skyler who lives in VA with Angela and Parnian! Angela says "Thank you so much for the kitten, he is so adorable, just what we needed.  He has kept us all busy he is being spoiled too, we opened our last Christmas presents last night and it seemed that no one cared for any present this year but the little kitty!".

This cute little blue ball of fluff is Gunny who also lives here in VA with Kathy and Family! Kathy say's "You raised a perfect wonderful kitty!  We all love him soo much already and he is such a joy around here!  The kitty is a crack up,he totally stood up to our dog Roxie and did this growling and this spitting/hissing thing to let Roxie know he's not putting up with any dog! The kitty had a fun game of night stalking with a feather and bell on a string.  Then when he was done he rubbed his
scent all over me and then Aleina, rolled over and gave himself a big bath. He is a very clean kitty!  Thank you for doing so much for him he really is an amazing little ball of fluff and joy!" Kathy and Family loved Gunny so much she got another kitty named "Cocoa" that they dearly love as well and say is just as special!

Here is Abby Snow and Blue Bells who also live here in VA with Mary and Richard! Mary says"They are just beautiful - and very loving...Abby Snow is bigger and pretty easy going - Blue Bells is taller, leaner, & faster! Blue jumps on my head and kisses me every morning when Richard leaves for work...He's really a mommies boy.  He loves to be held for hours - quite amazing...Abby is very sweet and loving - but is a little screamer when she has a shot, a washing or nail clipping. Both are playful and eating well. They love Gidget and she loves them but still a little to playful for them.  We have play time each evening for a closely monitored event for everyone to spend time together!"

Here we have our beautiful girl Coco! Coco lives in Richmond with Denice and Family! Denice says "Coco is VERY playful and can entertain herself with anything...She wants to be wherever you are and follows us everywhere. Her latest trick is drinking from my water glass..and tipping it over which she is trying to do now. She is very smart. I am trying to get her used to brushing but so far just thinks its something to play with..or gets am using treats!"
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Here we have Max who lives here in VA with Sherri and Marty! Sherri says "As you can see from the photos of Max, he is doing fantastically!!  We adore the little guy.  And the dogs have done beautifully with him.  The roughest dog is the one that loves Max the most!  They play together all the time. He's a precious little guy.  We're so happy to have him.  He's on a raw diet and absolutely loves it. He gets raw quail, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and sardines along with salmon oil, egg yolk,  and the proper supplements.  He's in heaven and healthy as a horse! He's integrated into our family SO well.  We absolutely love him!  Marty, who has never had a cat, is enjoying him immensely.  Max has a great sense of humor, so he's hilarious to watch with the other dogs!  No fear!  He pounces, attacks, crow hops, etc!  He's so happy.

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Here we have Sugar... Kathy, Rob, and Aleina's 3rd kitten from
The Purrrfect Cattery! Kathy says she truly loves our kittens and that Sugar is so loving and wants to be with them all day long! Now Sugar will also have 2 brothers to play with along with their other loving pets! Thanks Kathy, Rob, and Aleina for being such good kitty parents to our beloved babies!!!xt