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These cute Furry-Purry kitties below are all in their forever homes! Each family who has adopted one of our sweet-gorgeous kittens has a special place in our hearts and always will. It's always wonderful to know how our kittens are doing...after all it is very hard letting them go! But seeing the smiles on each of your faces when you hold your new kitten for the first time is the best feeling in the world! And hearing stories about how wonderful our kittens are doing makes us so happy! All of our kitties are very much missed!!! We know each kitten is very happy and loved which is most important to us! We ask that you give them lots of kisses, hugs, and love from us always!!! I always say "Just because our kitten has left our home doesn't mean that kitten has left our hearts."

Beau has found his forever home here in VA with Sherry and his two new feline friends Zack and Saddle! Sherry says "Beau's doing great! He chases after Saddle to play and it's hilarious! Beau loves sleeping with me at night and he  also loves being with me in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning. "
Here is Princess Leia she has also found her forever home here in VA! Leia lives with Pam and her three girls and always gets plenty of attention! Pam says "The girls converted one of their doll bed frames with a canopy into a play fort.  They have tied balls off of it so that she can bat them, and a drawstring from a pair of sweat pants that is long and she chases.  Megan had a small stuffed cat that she wrestles with.  She's having a great time and the girl's dote over her."
This is Emma! She lives with her new Mommy Doria and her new feline friend Raj in VA! Doria says " Emma flies up and down the cat tree and climbs up the back of my chair onto my shoulder, jumps on my desk and starts burrowing into any papers, etc.,knowing, of course, that gets my attention."
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This little guy is Pumpkin he also lives here in VA with Tara and family! Tara says "Pumpkin is doing great! He purrs all the time and crys when he can't find me.  Pumpkin sleeps in the bed with my husband, myself and the dog all night!"

Here we have Johnny Cat and Maybelle! They were adopted by Kim and family and live here in VA! Kim says "Maybelle Loves following me around the house.......EVEN sits on the tub when I TAKE A BATH, I keep thinking she is going to fall in when she sticks her paw in to test the water,but she never does. And Johnny Cat has finally figured out there is no use fighting me and the comb anymore. He actually loves laying on his back on my lap and me combing him from neck to belly!"

This is Sam he lives here in VA with Jenna and Nadine. Jenna and Nadine say "Sam is doing great and he has the sweetest personality we will send updated pictures soon!"

Here we have Rocky Joe also know by his Daddy as Joe and his Mommy as Jody! Cynthia says "This is the most wonderful kitty!  He is so dear and snuggles laying across my neck when I'm in bed on my back, and he rubs his cheek against my cheek and gives me a kiss on my nose.  He tries to do this sometimes when I'm sitting in a chair after he has climbed on my lap. He did this even as a little tiny kitty and it melted my heart. He also likes to play the piano by walking on the keys and then he will lay down on them and then walk some more!"

This is sweet Moe! Angie says "Moe sleeps with us every night and has learned to climb the cat tree but he can't get down all the way to the bottom.  He has also learned to climb us.  He jumps on
our backs and climbs his way over our shoulders and jumps onto to the table! It's really very funny.  Moe is happy, healthy, and lovable!  You did a fantastic job with him.  I'm very impressed."
Here is adorable Woodstock! He lives in CA with Mary and family! Mary says "Woodstock is such a cutie!!  My vet and her daughter, who works there, couldn't believe how cute and how well socialized he was, especially considering he just flew across the country! He was a real crowd pleaser! You did a great job bringing this little guy into the world - he is a happy, healthy boy!"

Here are our precious boys Trystan, Valentino, and Leo! They live with Isabel and family! Isabel says "The boys are the sweetest things ever. Such joy to come home to, I don't want to ever leave them.They are running around and climbing on things, being normal male kittens and we love them so much!"

These two sweet girls are Indy and Zoey...they live in MD with Karen! Karen says "Indy has turned into a cuddler… it’s funny I call her “me too” because she wants to walk around and be on her own, but if you pick Zoey up, she turns into a little cuddler and wants to be held. So I always say.. here comes “me too” when I’m holding Zoey it’s hilarious. Zoey LOVES to attack Indy… she is definitely the bully. Indy actually has turned into a lap cat…she just follows me around and sleeps on me every night.  Even if she is asleep in one room if I go into the kitchen she will get up and come into the kitchen and lay down… it’s very cute!!!"

Here is Sebastian he lives with Ben and family here in VA! Ben says "Sebastian is doing great -- he's growing and getting stronger every day.   The girls love him and we do too -- he's a sweet guy!"
To Our Sweet Pyro

Where do I begin I know they say you shouldn't have favorites but you were always one of Mommy's favorite kitties! Always in our lap or purring in my ear or even doing such funny things that would make us laugh and laugh! But after 4 years of you being such a wonderful Daddy to our beautiful sweet babies just like you, Mommy knew that it was time for you to have a home with less kitties which meant more attention. I knew the PURRFECT person I would ask...Our dear friend Kim of course! She has your two babies Johnny Cat and Maybelle who you would be able to live the rest of your many years with! She is such a wonderful kitty Mommy and always adored you and just the way I see her go above and beyond for her cats I knew in my heart she was the new Mommy for you. Kim always sending up dates and pictures of our beautiful babies and how we always keep in touch and can chat all day about our cats is so wonderful! Not to mention the way she has a toy box just for the kitties is just to cute! But Mommy wants you to know that even though you are now with your new family that I will never ever forget were one of the sweetest most well tempered cats and I miss you so much already! But most of all I know you couldn't be in better hands and will always be happy! Mommy loves you dearly with all her heart and soul and will come visit you, Johnny Cat, and Maybelle too!  I know you will be a wonderful kitty to your new family as Kim has already expressed how much everyone adores you and I could see it for myself! And to Kim and family always know I am here for you all and our sweet kitties anytime you may need day or night! As always give Pyro, Johnny Cat, and Maybelle our love!
Love Always,
Maria and Family

Above we have Rosey she is living with Kim and family as well and they are so excited to have a special 4th Fuzzy-Faced kitten from the Purrfect cattery! Kim say's "She is such a little doll. She fell asleep twice on her back on my lap, she has groomed Kay and me!  What I love the most, is she never hides!  Most kitty's you don't see them for a day or two or sometimes more. Rosey is right out there with us the whole, IF, she is playing or just laying on someone's shoulder or lap! Unbelievable!  This is such a sweet kitty. ALL 4 babies send their love.....and thanks again!"
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HOW CUTE ARE THESE TWO GIRLS! They are both Dilute Calico's from Nilla and Roo and very happy in their new homes! Their owners love them to pieces and both say they couldn't be happier with their new precious and gorgeous girls!