New Kitten Care

This page is to educate on care for your new kitten! Think twice before you chose your new adorable kitten. Since a cats life span can be 15-22 years, buying a healthy kitten may save you many years of veterinary fees.

Every kitten must have love, care, happiness, health and respect. Your new kitten will provide you with the same in return.

 Food and Water Bowl 
Your new kittens food and water bowl should be metal or ceramic. DO NOT buy plastic bowls one because cats are more prone to feline acne with plastic bowls. And two because no matter how much you clean them you can't get in the scratches of the plastic which carries bacteria. Make sure to clean your kittens bowls daily with a very diluted antibacterial soap or bleach and hot water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly! Also a good thing to remember is keep your kittens food and water bowls far away from their litter box. Cats and kittens are very clean animals and do not like to eat and drink where they potty. You can also purchase a food and water bowl matt to go underneath.

Nutrition is very vital to your new kitten (see my nutrition and health page) so feeding him or her the proper diet is very important! I recommend a food with NO by-product. By product is all of the bad parts of meat and is not healthy at all. It is important that for the first 2 months while your kitten is adjusting that you feed him or her the food we recommend.

Litter Pan
Dust free litter is best, but if you do not get a dust free litter then I would highly recommend using a box without a top. This way when they scratch around dust can be released in the air and not stay trapped in the box(and get into their lungs). They do sell litter boxes with no top but a ring around it that traps litter in so that their is no big mess! For new kittens they are usually only 2-3 pounds so make sure that they can get in and out of the litter pan easily.

I would recommend a Dust Free litter as litters with dust can make your cats lungs inflamed or eyes irritated. Something like Feline Pine, yesterdays news or swheat scoop is great!  But before you switch to a dust free litter make sure to ask your breeder what litter he or she uses and switch over gradually.

Litter Scoop
Make sure that it is the correct kind of scoop for the litter you are using.

While most cats enjoy your bed (I know mine do) if you decide to buy them their own I recommend a bed with a hood they feel more comfortable in beds like that!

Comb & Nail Clipper
I recommend a comb over a brush for Himalayans they have a lot of fur so you will need to get down to the bottom of the fur. And the bristles on the brush are not long enough to reach the bottom of the fur. So a cat comb is great! Be sure to comb your Himalayan 1-2 times a week to maintain a healthy, Matt-free coat. The more you comb the more bonding time you will have with your new kitty so daily is wonderful as well! Also nail clipping every 1-2 weeks is recommended!

Toys supply a great source of exercise for your cat and mental stimulation. Be sure to buy toys that you can also interact with your cat with like Feather Teasers and they even sell robotic mice cats love them! Toys you least expect are great toys for cats as well like toilet paper rolls, an empty box with a balled up piece of paper in it, and even the laser is fun for them!

Kittens and Children
It is important if you have children to teach them how to properly play with and around a kitten and how to hold one. Most cats enjoy being picked up and held. Make sure that the kitten is completely supported when held. Also always supervise your kitten when around small children.

Introduction to other Pets
When introducing your kitten to other pets  make sure to supervise meetings and do it gradually. The most difficult introduction is usually to an older cat where it feels like it may be threatened or to a larger dog.

Establish Routines
Establishing routines will make life easier and happier for you and your new kitten. It is important for your kitten to learn its new name and feeding time is one of the best times to teach them. When it's time for them to eat call them by their name and then put the bowl down. 

Good Scratching
To prevent your cat from ruining your furniture by scratching provide it with a scratching post. I recommend one with Sisal Rope because ones that have carpet can teach them to scratch on carpet else where in your home too. Always praise your kitten when using the proper area to scratch. If your kitten scratches on the wrong thing always take him or her to the scratching post you have provided. Many great cat trees also provide sisal rope scratching post!

A cat carrier is also needed for vet visits and can be left out in the home so they can get use to the carrier and not feel its a bad thing. 

Hair Ball Remedy
You can use any type of hairball remedy you are comfortable with. Laxatone (Tuna Flavor) is a great one! Its good to get them use to this as kittens and most really enjoy the taste!

Common Hazards
Even though your new kitten will be indoors their are still many hazards such as nails, rubber bands, glue, string, thumbtacks, thread, uncovered food, open washer or dryer, and breakable items. Plants are also one of the number one things that can harm your cat. Here is a list of plants to keep out of your home when you own a kitten or cat. Azalea, Caladium, Christmas Rose, Clematis, Delphinium, Dieffenbachia, Ivy, Lupine, Mistletoe, Oleander, Philodendron, Poinsettia, Cherry Laurel, Rhododendron, Solanum, and Sweet Pea. To see more about Common Hazards see my DANGERS page!

I hope this all helps you better understand about new kitten care. Be sure to give you kitten as much love and attention as it deserves and it will give you just that right back!

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