My Tribute to My Precious  Boy Lucky!

Lucky  was a kitten born from the first litter here at The Purrfect Cattery. He was born breach, and I remember seeing his tiny foot come out but there was no sac. It had already broken! I was now very worried, practically crying. I knew he had to be out in the next minute or two so he could start breathing. About a minute later, he still wasn't out so I rushed to the Animal Emergency Hospital, and the Veterinarian helped pull him out...He Was Breathing! I cried with Joy, and I was so very happy he had made it.

So I took him and Sassy home, and on the car ride home, I was congratulating Sassy telling her that she was now a proud parent! Well, I monitored Sassy and her kitten, and noticed that she wasn't feeding or cleaning him. I talked with the Vet, and they said if in the next day she doesn't start to care for him, I would have to take over as the Mom. Well, I was so scared hearing that being that this was the first litter at The Purrfect Cattery. I had never experienced anything like this before. I only had read a lot about it. With tears in my eyes, I knew that I was willing to do anything in my power to save this precious kitten's life.

So, I went to purchase KMR kitten milk and a bottle kit. He was not having it he wanted Sassy's milk. So, with gentle love and patience, the little tiny kitten started to nurse on the bottle. I was so happy to see he started gaining weight. Every two hours, I would feed the kitten.  We began to gain a very strong bond, and he started to know me as his Mommy.

About 5 days later, I noticed him breathing hard so I rushed him to the vet. They said he had developed pneumonia because he was drinking his milk so fast and getting air into his lungs. I informed her that I burped him after every feeding, but the veterinarian said that sometimes it's not always possible to get all of the air out of the lungs by burping. She then gave him a five percent chance to live because he had so much air in his lungs. The whole way home I cried and cried, telling him that I was sorry because I couldn't help but to feel like it was my fault eventhough the vet and Lisa would say, "If anything happens, you have done your best." And "Not to blame yourself." It was still so hard not to. The little kitten hung on more and more, day by day. He was a strong, little guy and seemed to have the same determination as I did.

So, my will to get him to live was stronger than ever. I was determined that he was going to live! I purchased a little syringe so I could get all of the air out of the syringe before his feeding to insure that air would no longer get into his lungs. Of course, the little kitten didn't want the syringe. He was used to his bottle, and that is what he wanted. He would look up to me as if he was saying, "Mommy, please give me my bottle back!" I would explain to him that this is best for him, and he eventually took to the syringe. So, one drop at a time, he would drink his milk all the while with me knowing that if  the milk went down the wrong way and into his lungs, he would not survive. I fed him ever so gently and always spoke to him. I took him back to the vet a week later, and they said he was doing great and couldn't believe he was surviving! That was the first time I had heard good news in a while.

The little kitten's eyes began to open more and more, day by day, and I remember the first time he looked into my eyes. I couldn't help but cry, and I said to him," I will name you 'Lucky', and I will keep you with me forever!" Lucky began to purr for the first time as if he knew what I had just said. I sat there with him wrapped in his little, warm towel, and I knew he was going to make it.

Today, Lucky is a beautiful Seal Point Himalayan who is definitely a Mama's boy! He gives endless kitty kisses and purrs. Lucky sleeps on my pillow every night and always will.

As he sits in my lap while I write this page, he is knowing that he is in his forever home, and Mommy will always be here for him....

(Thank You, Dustin, for all of your help. Lucky Loves his Daddy too and knows his Daddy also helped him to become one LUCKY BOY!)

Lucky, Mommy and Daddy Love you with all of our heart, and we consider ourselves LUCKY to have you here with us today!
Aww Mommy and Daddy, those are beautiful words! Thank You Both for Saving My Life!
Look at that Sweet face. Who could ever say no to that face!

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