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*DNA Tested PKD Negative*
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~Blue Uno Of The Purrfect Cattery~
Blue and White Bi-Color Persian

"Uno" has one stunning face with his serious expression, yet gentle nature just like his Daddy Roo. He is such a sweet boy with big beautiful GOLDEN EYES! He carries the Himalayan "Color Point" gene so he can sire pure bred Himalayans and Persians! We love him very much and adore his stunning kittens that come out looking just like him with those "Chubby Cheeks"!
*DNA Tested PKD Negative Lines*

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To Our Sweet Pyro

Where do I begin I know they say you shouldn't have favorites but you were always one of Mommy's favorite kitties! Always in our lap or purring in my ear or even doing such funny things that would make us laugh and laugh! But after 4 years of you being such a wonderful Daddy to our beautiful sweet babies just like you, Mommy knew that it was time for you to have a home with less kitties which meant more attention. I knew the PURRFECT person I would ask...Our dear friend Kim of course! She has your two babies Johnny Cat and Maybelle who you would be able to live the rest of your many years with! She is such a wonderful kitty Mommy and always adored you and just the way I see her go above and beyond for her cats I knew in my heart she was the new Mommy for you. Kim always sending up dates and pictures of our beautiful babies and how we always keep in touch and can chat all day about our cats is so wonderful! Not to mention the way she has a toy box just for the kitties is just to cute! But Mommy wants you to know that even though you are now with your new family that I will never ever forget were one of the sweetest most well tempered cats and I miss you so much already! But most of all I know you couldn't be in better hands and will always be happy! Mommy loves you dearly with all her heart and soul and will come visit you, Johnny Cat, and Maybelle too!  I know you will be a wonderful kitty to your new family as Kim has already expressed how much everyone adores you and I could see it for myself! And to Kim and family always know I am here for you all and our sweet kitties anytime you may need day or night! As always give Pyro, Johnny Cat, and Maybelle our love!
Love Always,
Maria and Family

Here we have our Stunning Boy "Jack"!
The initials of his name stand for
Just A Cute Kitten and that's just what he is! We call him our Monster as he is 11lbs at just 7 months in these photos! "Jack" is our wild child very playful yet SO LOVING TOO! He is the best of both worlds which Ragdolls are! Watch for Jack's Stunning kittens in 2012!

Note: Jack is only 8 months in these photos!
~PKD Negative & HCM Negative~