I want to thank everyone for their kind words! I feel honored to get so many compliments! Everyone's words are valued very much here at The Purrfect Cattery!
Hi Maria-
I saw your web page today with your little cream and flame point Himalayans. I was surprised to find you were located here in Northern VA! They are adorable! I'm interested in finding out when your kittens will be here. We just love all of your flame and cream points they are just gorgeous. Pyro, Lailah, and my husband has just fallen for Sweet Pumpkin Pie. I just wanted to check with you to see what you are expecting in the future. Sorry to go on and on...LOL Thank You so much I am looking forward to hearing more information on your sweet kittens.

I looked at your site today and I think you have some of the best pictures on the Internet! I especially love the picture on your first page with the white cat looking up. I come to your site all of the time just to see your new pictures. I love Pumpkin too on your future breeders page. When I am ready I would defiantly like to get a kitten from you!

Hi Maria,
I am very honored to present you with my web site awards.  Thank you for the kind compliments regarding my site as well as my cats and kittens. Your web site is very nicely done and your cats and kittens are beautiful!

Hi Maria,
I've enjoyed our communications so much  I feel attached to you as a breeder! I know how much you love your felines.  It's great!!!

Hello Maria,
Emma's gonna be a beauty, no doubt...already is.  She has enough fur for four kittens! I can't keep her looking neat for more than a minute after I comb her...LOL!  I'll keep sending pictures as I take them.  It's such a pleasure watching her grow, mature and thrive.  She's so confident and sure of herself...I can't help but laugh at her, even when she's being naughty...LOL 

Well I just wanted to say I love the faces of your cats! They all have that Chubby Face it's too  cute! When will you be having flame or cream points. Thanks!

Hi Maria,
WOW! You cats have the best blue eyes I have ever seen. I really like Sapphire Blue eyes. When will you be having more kittens with that eye color? Thank you for your time.

Maria ~ Things are going good here - hope all is well there. Thanks for visiting and thanks
for the kind words.  It is so nice to have the support of good breeders like you!!!

I love all of your cats. They all look so happy in their pictures and very well maintained!

Hi Maria,
It was great speaking with you today. I like the fact that your cattery is cageless! You can really tell by the words on your site that you love your cats.

(This letter is from Beau one of my Adopted Kittens! These are some of the best words!)
Hi Aunty Maria!
I miss you and my birth mom and my sister.  But I love my new mommy and love to snuggle with her every morning.  I follow her all over the house and my purr box is developing nicely.  I love to roll over on my back so she can rub my tummy.  This Sat. I'm getting my rabies shot, which I'm NOT looking forward to!  But I guess it must be done.  I'll be a brave boy though, and will be glad to get back home.  Tell my birth mommy that I'm getting so big and strong and can jump pretty good now.  But I like to use the ladder my new mommy made for me to get up on her big bed.  I love to play "grab the toe under the covers" game.    And I'm getting all those kisses you've been sending.  Sometimes I think she kisses me too much when I want to sleep! 
Well, Bye for now.  Happy New Year!

Love, Beau

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