Don't De-Claw

My first thought on De-Clawing is:
"Educate Don't Amputate"

De-Clawing is an actual amputation and is illegal is most countries. It would almost be like us going around with no fingers life would be a bit hard to say the least. Scratching is a natural instinct in every cat. Even in the wild lions scratch trees to mark their territory. Cats also shed their claws and this helps that process to happen properly. Cats and kittens use their claws to play with certain toys like mice, balls, and more. They also use their claws to stretch out and it makes them feel good to do the scratching motion. These are the many reasons why cats scratch.

It's something that all cats should be able to do freely just in the proper place. I recommend getting a scratching post at least 40 inches tall. This will insure that you cat can stretch its full length and they will not need to go to your sofa to do so. Also I would make sure it is something like sisal rope. I strongly disagree with scratching post that are carpet because this can teach them to scratch carpet in other places of the house too.

As a kitten teach them where the correct places are to scratch. Put a bit of cat nip on the scratching post and that will attract most any cat. If they scratch on your sofa say No and take them to their scratching post. They will quickly learn where the right place is to scratch.

Most pet stores also sell clear double sided sticky tape so that if your kitten or cat does decided to try to claw your sofa they will feel the sticky tape and they do not like that. You can put it on any fabric even curtains.

De-Clawing a kitten or cat can actually cause more problems that it fixes. Problems such as spraying, not using the litter box properly, depression, not being to fully stretch every again, and behavioral problems can occur. People must understand that.

If you take the time to educate yourself it will go a long way for you and your new feline friend. And they will thank you in the long run. My little kittens like their little paws just the way they are! I hope this bit of information helps you more understand why de-clawing should be illegal in all countries.

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