Here you will find all of the Cute Pictures at The Purrfect Cattery!
Ahh, I love sleeping on the dogs bed! I sink right in to it!
Look how handsome I am Mom!
This is Lucky. He is resting in his favorite spot!
Lucky and Dinky having a  nice Cat Nap in the Sun!
I love my Igloo. It always makes me Sleepy!
Sassy's Favorite Sleeping spot...She loves her cat perch!
Ok, Mom we are ready for our picture!
Here are the cats and kittens wanting to all eat out of the same bowl...there are always many bowls, but it seems to me like they all like to eat out of the same one.
Wow Mom! Thanks for the big bowl of food, it is as big as me...crunch crunch crunch...Oh I guess I should be sharing this with the other kittens too???
Aww...Look at that sweet kitten in a basket. It is almost like she was posing for the picture by crossing her little fluffy paws!
Isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen!
Aww...and this is Lovely Lailah and that she is...Lovely!
Hey Mom, what is it that I am swatting at again???
Umm Mom...Please don't take a picture of me yet I am having a very bad hair day!
Aww...How cute is this! This little girl is nursing and cuddling with her Mommy!

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Here Star and Rain are waiting for me to get their food I just had to snap a picture of Rain in her bowl!
Aww how cute is this! Two Baby Kittens! They both don't want to leave each others side!
If that's not the cutest face ever!!!
HOW CUTE! Leia has one little spot on her chin!
This is Roo one of our boys when he was a kitten! His baby blue eyes are just to adorable!
He loves playing with feathers as you can see!
Aww Beau's eyes match his blanket!
Leia is not only cute but very playful!
This was just to sweet! And Sassy is such a good Mommy!
Sleeping Beauty!
Ok I am ready to pose for my picture!
Umm Mom...We think you may need a new mini filer! This one is about to bust!
Bouncing Kittens!!!
Do you see the5th paw?
This is Leia in her new home! She loves her new sisters!
Aww Pumpkin and Rajah! They are best friends!
Here is Roo he is upset with me because I vacuumed up all the catnip...LOL So I had to get a picture! He looks like a lion getting ready to pounce...LOL
Here is Roo when he was a kitten! He loves sitting under our large plants! Maybe he feels like he is under a tree!
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