Welcome friends to The Purrfect Cattery! We are a Licensed CFA and TICA Registered Cattery, and we breed Breathtaking Traditional Doll-Face Himalayans and Persians! As well as Gorgeous and Stunning Ragdolls and Ragamuffins! We work with a wide variety of colors including Seal, Blue, Flame, Tortie, Chocolate, Lilac, Tabby, Lynx, Mitted, Bi-Colors, and more! 

We are a home-based smoke free cattery in Northern Virginia. We socialize our cats and kittens from birth, as well as, give all of our cats and kittens the chance to be loved, groomed, and cared for properly in every way. All of our Cats and Kittens are home-raised!

Our goal is to breed Himalayans, Persians, and Ragdolls with excellent temperament, health, and beauty. Also, placing our kittens in their forever homes with never-ending love, respect, care, health, and happiness is very important to us. Our Cats and Kittens are not only our pets, they are like our children and that is how they should be treated. We are 100% negative cattery for FeLV, FIV, and Ringworm. We are also a DNA Tested PKD Negative Cattery. Our Ragdolls are all HCM negative! We are a closed cattery and do not offer any stud service.

I Hope You Have A Purrfect Experience Visiting Our Cattery!

Here at The Purrfect Cattery we always 
Shoot for the Stars!

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One of our Beautiful & Rare Chocolate Calico Persians

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The Purrfect Cattery LLC
Breathtaking Traditional Doll-Face 
Himalayans, Persians, & Ragdolls

One of our "Rare" Chocolate Bi-Colors! Soo Purrfect! 
One our our "Gorgeous" Dilute Calicos